Cold email outreach is crazy effective with a 3800% ROI

Sales used to be hard… But today, you can reach just about anyone in the world via email.

No suits, in-person visits, or cold calls required.

In fact, email outreach is one of the most cost-effective and scalable strategies you can use to supercharge your networking, get more clients and grow your sales.


But here is what they don’t tell you…

Cold email outreach works really well, but from our experience, there are three fundamental problems:


Even with personalization variables, bulk emailing is no longer as effective, requiring sending thousands of emails to compensate for low reply rates.


1-1 Emailing with highly personalized messages is super effective but writing these takes forever.


The third problem is complexity… And the need to juggle spreadsheets, email accounts, and tons of different tools to keep your pipeline full.


There has to be a better way, right?

What if you could have ONE simple platform?


  • An easy-to-use CRM to manage and nurture your prospects from lead to client.
  • A browser extension that suggests 1-1 personalized icebreakers for prospects you find on LinkedIn, automatically adding these into your CRM and email outreach campaigns.
  • The ability to create personalized email outreach campaigns at scale with intelligent follow-ups based on how prospects interact with your emails.
  • And a unified inbox so you and your team can manage all your email replies from all your accounts right inside Hexospark. No more logging into multiple email accounts 🚀.

Ready to 10X your sales?

Break the ice, personalize emails and automate follow-ups to turn leads into clients. Hexospark is changing the email outreach game, empowering you with…

  • A personalized approach to email
  • Manage unlimited contacts in your CRM
  • Send unlimited emails and follow-ups*
  • Capture unlimited leads from LinkedIn
  • Easy access to all your replies to keep your pipeline flowing

* based on your own email account limits.