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1.18 – 29th September 2023

  • New Feature: Send test emails from inside email outreach campaigns. This is ideal to test emails inside your email client prior to launching a campaign.

1.17 – 9th August 2023

  • New Feature: Brand new email editor for easier and more powerful email editing inside campaigns and the unified inbox.

1.16 – 11th July 2023

  • New Feature: Contact auto-matching when uploading contacts via CSV file, as well as field preference saving next time you upload a file.

1.15 – 31st May 2023

  • New Feature: AI icebreakers are here inside the browser extension

1.14 – 30th March 2023

  • Enhancement: Outlook style “pane” mode is activated for our unified inbox, making it easier to breeze through all your email replies.
  • Enhancement: You can now easily view the number of unread messages through the sidebar of the unified inbox

1.13 – 23rd February 2023

  • New feature: Native Hexospark Microsoft Outlook 365 integration is live allowing you to connect business accounts to Hexospark instantly.

1.12 – 15th February 2023

  • New feature: 1-click Unsubscribe is available inside Hexospark, giving your recipients the option to unsubscribe from future emails by adding an Unsubscribe link with personalized text that will be added at the end of your emails.

1.11 – 24th January 2023

  • New feature: Hexospark email campaigns now support two types of follow-ups: Threaded or via separate emails using their own subject lines.

1.10 – 10th January 2023

  • New feature: Image Personalization is now available inside Hexospark, allowing you to make an impression with dynamic images featuring your prospect’s name, company, or any other CRM variable inside your email campaigns.

1.9 – 27th December 2022

  • New feature: Granular bounce rate metrics per campaign are available now.
  • Enhancement: Contact import flow has been improved, offering the option to update: missing fields, overwrite existing ones or skip existing contacts/organizations when uploading a new CSV file.

1.8 – 15th December 2022

  • New feature: You can now add Fallback variables inside your email templates to display in case a variable is not available for your contact.
  • Enhancement: Custom variables and fallback checks are added in the email campaign preview page.
  • Enhancement: Campaign management settings are updated enabling you to select whether contacts with missing variables and fallbacks should be paused inside a campaign or be sent by default even if variables or fallbacks are missing (showing an empty space if a variable is used).

1.7 – 8th December 2022

  • Enhancement: Unified inbox now enables tapping into any custom or community email template when composing or replying to emails.
  • Enhancement: It is now possible to monitor sending account’s daily progress.
  • Enhancement: Moving contacts between contact lists and folders in bulk is enabled.
  • Enhancement: The import of contacts fields has been enhanced and now allows uploading multiple social media platforms, activities, languages, industries, phone numbers, website URLs.

1.6 – 17th November 2022

  • New Feature: Granular stats for each contact inside campaigns are now live.
  • Enhancement: Unified Inbox has been improved, featuring displaying the number of emails in each thread, message filters on their read/unread status, and the preview of last email received from email enabled.

1.5 – 10th November 2022

  • Enhancement: Reply tracking system now tracks the replies you get within campaigns, composed emails as well as inside your unified inbox.
  • Enhancement: You can now add contacts inside campaigns, with the ability to select contacts one at a time or in bulk by selecting an existing folder.

1.4 – 3rd November 2022

  • New feature: Version 1.0 of our unified inbox is launched. Our first step towards a collaborative inbox to make email outreach at scale easy.
  • Enhancement: UX enhancement on campaign creation processs.

1.3 – 27th October 2022

  • New feature: Ability to manage storage and files enabled allowing to view all the uploaded files, get their links and delete them to free up space for new projects.

1.2 – 20th October 2022

  • New feature: Duplication of entire email campaigns enabled.
  • Enhancement: Browser extension updated toget hyper granular data from LinkedIn profiles.

1.1 – 13th October 2022

  • New feature: Per campaign stats are added. Sent, opened, clicked, replied, interested, and won metrics as well as progress indicators are now available in the campaigns section.
  • Enhancement:Automatic SMTP account setup is available.

1.0 – 6th October 2022

  • New feature: Reply tracking is now possible with our native Gmail integration.
  • Enhancement: The Hexospark browser extension has been updated, now allowing contact updates and expanded data collection capabilities.
  • Enhancement: Users can now create their own custom-created icebreakers using data points from our CRM and browser extensions.
  • Enhancement: While composing a message or replying to a contact inside the CRM, you can now upload images and attach files.
  • Enhancement: There has been an enhancement to the Contacts page. The list of positions has been updated, and social media platforms like TikTok and Youtube have been added to the Social Links field. In addition, users can now add a website to a contact’s profile.
  • Enhancement: In order to make uploading contacts and organizations easier, a UX improvement has been implemented that allows tracking loading.

0.9 – 29th September 2022

  • New feature: Ability to upload images and attach files to emails.
  • Enhancement: Ability to bulk delete contacts, organizations, templates, and campaigns.
  • Enhancement: New SMTP providers added, including Apple iCloud Mail, Mailo, and Hostinger.
  • Enhancement: Campaign update flow improvement.

0.8 – 23rd September 2022

  • Enhancement: New icebreakers and email templates are added.
  • Enhancement: UX improvements and bug fixes.

0.7 – 16th September 2022

  • New Feature: Email reply tracking is now available with our SMTP integration.
  • Enhancement: Popular SMTP email provider profiles added to automatically pre-fill SMTP Port fields and configuration settings.
  • Enhancement: Emails can be sent directly from inside the CRM contact page, and it’s possible to keep track of the flow of your conversations by viewing your conversation history.

0.6 – 8th September 2022

  • Enhancement: Open and click triggers are available.
  • Enhancement: Filters are improved allowing to drill down into folders, contacts, and organizations.

0.5 – 1st September 2022

  • New feature: Email campaigns now display statistics and a projected finish time to help you track email campaigns with ease
  • New feature: You can now set tracking settings on a per-campaign level
  • Enhancement: Our browser extension now allows you to detect email addresses from any web page so you can add leads to your Hexospark CRM on the go.
  • Enhancement: You can now easily update contact statuses right from the contacts section
  • Enhancement: You can now edit email templates only within a campaign or for the master template.

0.4 – 25th August 2022

  • New feature: Open and click tracking
  • New feature: Email campaign previews for every contact
  • Enhancement: CSV export for contacts and organizations

0.3 – 18th August 2022

  • Enhancement: We improved our email templating UX and added more templates
  • Enhancement: We created more ready made icebreakers
  • Enhancement: Contact stats are now available inside campaigns
  • Enhancement: You can now see contacts inside organizations
  • Enhancement: New sorting and filter options for campaign contacts
  • Enhancement: We updated contact and organization form fields

0.2 – 11th August 2022

  • Enhancement: A UX update featuring a redesigned dashboard with your pipeline metrics
  • Enhancement: You can now pause and resume campaigns
  • Enhancement: You can now set default date/time format and calendar week options.
  • Enhancement: We now have prepopulated ports for IMAP and SMTP settings
  • Enhancement: Dashboard and contacts pages now display status stats for contacts.
  • Enhancement: You can now sort and filter contacts
  • Enhancement: Post launch bug fixes

0.1 – 8th August 2022

  • Launch of the Hexospark private beta + Hexomatic vertical integration
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