50 most effective markting subject lines

The 50 Most Effective Marketing Subject Lines For Newsletters For 2023

You don’t need a team of data scientists to prove that email newsletters are incredibly effective.

Newsletters are a perfect way to increase traffic to your blog or website by providing value, generating interest, and personalizing content.

In contrast to cold emailing when your recipients most probably never ever heard of you and don’t expect any emails coming from you, your newsletter recipients are your customers who are waiting to hear from you.

Brand retention is a key component of brand loyalty, which can be achieved with email newsletters. A how-to series would be a helpful way to help customers understand your product and how to use it. You can show your customers that your product is continually improving by sending them emails whenever you have any updates on it. Providing special discounts or answering questions about your brand would also be a good idea.

However, the subject line of your email is what determines whether the recipient will open it, ignore it, or, worst of all, mark it as spam.

In this article, I’ll list the most effective subject lines for email newsletters.

Subject lines that provoke urgency (Last chance, last call subject lines)

We all fear missing out, whether we’re marketers or consumers. Last-chance subject lines are effective because few people make purchasing decisions unless they have to.

It is possible to make what you offer seem rare, and special by using certain keywords and phrases.

1. 🛍️ Don’t miss out on 50% off.

2. ⏰24 hours left.

3. ⏳ Limited time offer. Hurry up. 

4. Only 5 seats are available for {event name}.

5. 🔔Last call.

Subject lines with powerful words

Words can engage the imagination of users and encourage them to click your email and take action. 

The strategic use of special words in your email subject lines can make it even impossible not to open your email.

6. 5 things you should know about {topic}.

7. Get lifetime access to {product, service name}.

8. 🤫Here is our secret to success.

9. 🔑3 keys to growing your business.

10. Submit your expert opinion on {topic}.

Subject lines with a value proposition

In addition to being short, catchy, and informative, your subject lines for newsletters should add value.

You’re less likely to get someone to open your email if the subject line doesn’t immediately indicate that it’s going to be of value to them.

However, you should make sure the resources are extremely relevant to your prospects and can solve the pain points they are experiencing.

11. 10 tips to solve {pain point}.

12. Resources that can help {company name} to grow.

13. ❤️ Why we love {idea}.

14. Why we use {product/service}.

15. Want to learn more about {solution}?

16. Save {amount} money by using {product/service}.

17. 🔥 5 hacks to reach {goal}.

18. We want you to solve {pain point}.

19. 5 steps to reach {goal}.

20. Here is how {company name} solved {pain point}.

Subject lines with holiday sales

It is a fact that every customer looks forward to holiday sales. This will help you both bring in new customers and also keep previous customers coming back for more.

21. Give thanks to your dearest ones – {discount} on everything.

22. 🎃 “Trick and Treat” day sales are coming.

23. Ready for Christmas? – {discount} on everything.

24. We have an exciting Valentine’s day offer for our users.

25. Big Savings on Holiday weekend.

Subject lines with product updates

In order to meet your customers’ changing needs, you probably tweak your products and services regularly. This is especially true for SaaS businesses. 

 Email newsletters with product updates are among the most popular ones. Customers will definitely appreciate your continuous work on the product or service they use. 

In your subject lines for newsletters, you should mention the most requested update that will probably catch your customers’ attention.

26. 🥳Our [new feature name] is finally here!

27. Try these new features.

28. [product name] just got even better! Take a look.

29. Sneak-peak at [new feature/product name].

30. New version of [product name] is here.

Subject lines with customer appreciation

Make your customers feel appreciated, not just on Customer Appreciation Day! This type of email can be sent at any time, whether it’s on holidays, anniversaries, or just because.

31. 🎁Free gift for [customer name].

32. Our way of saying thank you.

33. Thank you for [number] years together! 🥰

34. 🎁Customers like you deserve gifts like these.

35. Hi [customer name], enjoy this token of our appreciation.

Subject lines with reminders

Your customers may have missed your previous emails, so it’s a good idea to send reminder emails with catchy subject lines. 

36. ⏰Hurry up. Your gift card is expiring.

36. Only 24 hours left to big sales.

37. Quick heads up. You have a gift to redeem.

Subject lines with a review/survey request

You need to know what your customers think about your product or service in order to improve it. Directly asking your customers for feedback or sending surveys is the ideal way to find out what they think. 

39. Do you have a minute to review us?

40. Did you review us? Thank you 🥰

41. Your opinion matters: 2 minutes for your feedback.

42. Got a minute?

43. How did we do?

44. We need your feedback.

45. Thanks for your feedback.

Welcome email subject lines

It is crucial to welcome each and every new customer and subscriber. It helps your brand to make a solid first impression on your customers. Your brand’s mission, values, products, services, and overall message should be explained to new subscribers in an email.

46. Welcome to [brand name].

47. Welcome to the club! Your free gift awaits.

48. Nice move! ❤️ You’re now subscribed to [brand name].

49. Cheers for subscribing to [brand name].

50. Congrats. You made it!


Emails are a perfect way to build trust and confidence between your customers and your brand.

The first thing your recipients pay attention to in your email is the subject line. 

It is relatively simple to write basic subject lines for newsletters, but it is a bit more complicated to craft a subject line that gets your material read again and again.

In this article, I’ve listed our most catchy and best-performing email subject lines to serve as an inspiration for your next email newsletter. 

Now go grow your sales!

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