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Email Marketing Trends for 2023

The question and query “what is email marketing” is still in high demand in search engines. According to Ahrefs the keyword “what is email marketing” has 10K monthly search volume in SERPs. But what does this mean? Well, first and foremost it means that this type of marketing is still alive (there is an opinion that email marketing is an old way of getting leads) and has a great interest among users. 

Almost every business has opted for using email marketing as a source for getting to their current or potential customers, informing about any important event, sending newsletters, offers, suggestions, requests, etc. Email marketing is one of the key channels for any marketing strategy. 

This is an active and constantly changing field of marketing, that’s why it is vital to be on top of the wave thus achieving the best results. 

Read on if you are curious about what the latest email marketing trends are! Learn about the top 3 email marketing trends that are sure to take off in 2023. 

Which are Key Categories for the Email as a Channel

There are two key categories: 

🔹 Email Outreach – to promote products to companies + SEO link building 

🔹 Email Marketing – building and nurturing an email list, getting leads

Both channels are used for businesses of various types. It will be almost impossible to push the business in digital without email outreach and email marketing. 

Latest Stats on Email Marketing

  • 🔹 There are over 4 billion daily email users
  • 🔹 A majority of marketers use mobile-friendly emails as part of their marketing strategy
  • 🔹 77% of marketers stated an increase in email engagement over the last year
  • 🔹 Testing emails leads to higher ROI

Stats from Hubspot 

3 Crucial Email Marketing and Email Outreach Trends for 2023

As mentioned above, email marketing and outreach trends change constantly just like the overall marketing industry. However, there are several key rules to follow: more personalized emails, keeping it short and to the point, writing grammatically correct emails, and keeping the tone more empathetic.

While researching the email marketing and outreach fields we came across with these 3 trends for September:

  1. Use HTML Emails 

Using HTML emails vs plain-texts allows you to have “prettier” email with color themes, styles, images, and sometimes multimedia. There are lots of apps and tools that let you design your personalized HTML email template. HTML is generally better for marketing emails.

  1. Use AI for Personalizing Emails

You can get six times higher transaction rates with personalized emails than emails without personalization. For example, SEOs send hundreds of emails everyday, and personalizing each of it manually is super time-consuming. AI analyzes customer behavior and optimizes your email campaigns for success with the proper data. For example, If you are using outlook you can use outlook time tracking.

With the help of AI tools, your emails can be sent to the customer at the time when he/she is most likely to check it, or will send your product offer to the customer that is mostly interested in the product. 

AI email personalization is effective for marketing and for SEO outreach. 

  1. Re-Engagement Emails With Triggers

Always keep your eye on your subscribers by giving them a reason to stay engaged. Share exclusive offers and content, and send them appreciation emails (birthday cards, sale coupons, event reminders etc). 

Using email automation platforms, you can send re-engagement emails triggered when a subscriber doesn’t open an email or takes specific actions.

All of the tactics should be followed with regard to privacy. Always audit the data sources you are using, and comply with your local privacy laws. Think how you would react to the email you sent, put yourself in their shoes, try to understand what you like about it and what you don’t, what is missing and what is unnecessary.

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