track email replies, send emails from CRM

Track replies, send emails from the CRM & more

Drum roll, one of our most requested features is finally here 🔥.

Here is a quick update on what our team has deployed this week 🤩.

⭐ Email reply tracking is now possible with our SMTP integration. This exciting new feature will allow SMTP-based email sender accounts to pause the email campaign automatically as soon as a contact replies 🚀🚀🚀.

This also brings automatic reply tracking so you can better measure the performance of your campaigns.

We are in the final phase of applying this feature for our native Gmail integration as well in the coming weeks ⏰ (for now you can add Gmail-based accounts via our SMTP connection to access reply tracking).

⭐ Next, we have added popular SMTP email provider profiles to automatically pre-fill SMTP Port fields and configuration settings.

⭐ Lastly, you can now send emails directly from inside your CRM contact page, and keep track of the flow of your conversations by viewing your conversation history.

Additionally, we have made a number of bug fixes and other platform enhancements to help you supercharge your business growth.

You can find the updates in your dashboard.

Have a great week ahead.

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