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Hexospark Updates – Say goodbye to missing email variables with fallbacks

Personalized email variables are a powerful way to add a personal touch to emails at scale, but if you have contacts in your email outreach pipeline with missing fields it could backfire badly.

If you have ever received an email with “Hi {{first_name}}” or missing words you know what I mean!

This week we launched additional safety features to help ensure a great first impression.

First up we have email variable fallbacks. You can set these inside your email templates to display in case a variable is not available for your contact.

Next, we have added custom variables and fallback checks in the email campaign preview page.

This lets you quickly see all contacts inside your campaign that are ready to go, using fallbacks or contacts missing both variables and fallbacks.

Last but not least, we have updated our campaign management settings enabling you to select whether contacts with missing variables and fallbacks should be paused inside a campaign or be sent by default even if variables or fallbacks are missing (showing an empty space if a variable is used).

You can find the updates in your dashboard

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