How to sell SEO and PR services with cold outreach - Agency Guide

How to sell SEO and PR services with cold outreach – Agency Guide

Are you an agency owner struggling to grow your business? With the digital world constantly evolving, selling search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR) services to potential clients can feel overwhelming. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a successful strategy and use cold outreach to sell your services like a pro.

Cold outreach may have a reputation for being a challenge, but with the right tools like Hexospark, it can become your favorite strategy to reach out to your potential clients. 

Ready to up your game? Our guide will help you master the art of cold outreach in selling SEO and PR services. Read on and you’ll be only a few steps away from success!

Mistakes to avoid during cold email outreach

While you may offer the best SEO and PR services to potential clients, the way you present your agency and its services can either seal or break the deal. Below, we’ve compiled the most common mistakes that many agencies make in their cold email outreach. Understanding these mistakes will empower you to craft the most effective email sequence for pitching your SEO and PR services to potential clients!

1. Non-personalized subject line:

Mistake: Using a generic subject line that lacks personalization can lead to low open rates and a disinterested audience. Prospects are more likely to delete emails that appear to be irrelevant to their preferences and interests, causing your outreach efforts to be less effective.

Solution: Opt for variable subject lines that take into account the recipient’s name, company, or interests. This personal touch can help capture your prospects’ attention and avoid spam filters, increasing the chances of your email being opened, read, and acted upon.

2. Excessive URLs in initial email:

Mistake: Including too many URLs in your initial email can negatively impact its deliverability. Spam filters tend to flag messages with a high number of links, which may cause your emails to be filtered out before they even reach the recipient’s inbox.

Solution: Limit the number of URLs in your initial outreach email, especially if your domain or mailbox reputation is not high. Focus on providing value through engaging and relevant content, and only include essential links that support the purpose of your email.

3. No Follow-up:

Mistake: Failing to follow up after the initial email can result in missed opportunities. Prospects may have genuinely missed your first message, or they may have opened it but didn’t have the time or incentive to respond.

Solution: Emphasize the importance of follow-up emails in your outreach strategy. Develop a systematic follow-up sequence and send reminders at appropriate intervals to re-engage leads who may have missed or overlooked your initial message. This persistent approach demonstrates your commitment and can increase the likelihood of securing a response.

4. Lack of clear Call To Action:

Mistake: Not providing a clear next step for prospects in your email can leave them confused and less likely to engage further. Without a specific action for the recipient to take, chances are your email will be forgotten or ignored.

Solution: Incorporate a soft Call To Action (CTA) in your outreach emails that guide leads through the sales funnel without being pushy. Make your CTA clear and concise, directing the recipient towards a specific action such as scheduling a call, signing up for a demo, or visiting a landing page to learn more.

5. Overly salesy tone:

Mistake: Sounding too sales-oriented and commercial in your email communication can create a negative impression on prospects. Most people are put off by overly promotional language that prioritizes the sales pitch over providing genuine value.

Solution: Focus on crafting a personalized message that conveys the benefits of your product or service while also connecting with the recipient’s interests or pain points. By adopting a more empathetic tone that focuses on the prospect’s needs, you can build rapport and ultimately gain their trust, paving the way for a successful business relationship.

How to create a cold email outreach to sell your SEO and PR services

You can automate the process of finding prospects, reaching out to them, and following up, ultimately converting them into valuable clients with the help of tools like Hexospark. 

Here is how to create a cold email outreach campaign using Hexospark to sell your SEO and PR services:

Step 1: Find potential clients with Hexospark’s extension

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for finding potential clients in your industry. Use LinkedIn’s advanced search filters to identify ideal prospects based on job roles, seniority, location, and industry. Hexospark’s Chrome extension allows you to export potential clients directly into the Hexospark outreach tool.

How does it work?

1. Use LinkedIn’s advanced search filters to identify ideal prospects.

2. With the Hexospark Chrome extension, save the selected prospects and all kinds of information about them to the Hexospark outreach contacts section.

Step 2: Create a new campaign

With potential clients and their verified contact information in hand, it’s time to create a compelling outreach campaign. 

Go to your Hexospark dashboard and click on the “New” button to start the new campaign.

Step 3: Select your contacts

Add your prospects’ contacts either by importing saved contacts or uploading a new CSV file. You can also expand your contact list after the campaign has started.

Step 4: Create an email sequence

 Go to the “Sequences” section to tailor your prospect emails. Hexospark’s personalization options allow you to incorporate specific details, such as name, position, etc., ensuring personalized communication with each prospect.

Step 5: Adjust campaign settings

Customize your campaign based on your preferences. Set your reference timezone, establish the daily email-sending window, and select the most effective outreach days. Don’t forget to integrate your chosen email account to reach the prospects.

Step 6: Review your campaign

Click “Next Step” to preview your email and make sure your message is error-free and ready for delivery.

Step 7: Launch your campaign

Once everything is ready, click “Save and Run” to launch your campaign!

Step 8: Monitor your campaign

Track your campaign’s performance through detailed statistics. Check the open rates and other statistics. Directly view and respond to all the prospect replies within the platform, without having to leave the platform.

3 Cold email templates to sell SEO and PR services

Template 1: Exploring possibilities together

Subject line: 

Boost COMPANY NAME Visibility on Search Engines 🚀


Hi {{First Name}},

I stumbled upon {{Company Name}} while navigating {{searchEngine}}, and it got me thinking. What if we could take {{Prospect’s Company}}’s online presence to new heights?

Our team specializes in creating tailored strategies that not only capture attention but also skyrocket your brand in {{company Industry}} listings. Picture your story making waves on global media platforms, establishing {{Company Name}}  as an industry authority.

This proven methodology has propelled giants like Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch, and Benzinga. Ready to explore the possibilities?

Let’s chat,

{{Your Name}}

Template 2: Offering SEO and PR strategies

Subject line: 

Unlock Your Brand’s Digital Potential 🚀


Hi {{First Name}},

I trust this message finds you thriving. Your dedication to [specific aspect] at {{Prospect’s Company}} hasn’t gone unnoticed. However, in today’s digital terrain, the synergy of SEO and PR strategies is paramount for sustained growth.

Here’s a glimpse of how our bespoke services can elevate {{Prospect’s Company}}:

Amplify Online Presence: Employ advanced SEO techniques to skyrocket online visibility.

Craft Compelling Narratives: Secure media coverage through strategic PR, ensuring your story resonates.

Drive Targeted Traffic: Channeling traffic strategically for heightened conversions.

Could we carve out a moment for a brief call to delve into how we can magnify {{Prospect’s Company}}?

Best Regards,

{{Your Name}}

{{Your Position}}

{{Your Company}}

Template 3: SEO optimization needed

Subject line:

Unleash Your Online Potential with SEO Optimization 


Hi {{First Name}},

I hope this message finds you well. As someone who values an impressive online presence, I couldn’t help but notice a fantastic opportunity to enhance {{Prospect’s Company}}’s digital footprint.

Upon navigating your website, it came to my attention that there are untapped areas for SEO optimization that, when addressed, could significantly elevate your online visibility and user experience. These areas include:

1. Keyword Optimization: Incorporating strategic keywords to enhance search engine rankings

2. Meta Tags and Descriptions: Crafting compelling meta tags and descriptions to improve click-through rates.

3. Mobile Optimization: Ensuring seamless functionality and aesthetics on various devices for a broader audience reach.

4. Content Enhancement: Augmenting content to align with search engine algorithms and user expectations.

Our agency specializes in precisely these areas, and we’ve successfully helped businesses like yours maximize their online potential. I’d love to schedule a brief call to discuss how our tailored SEO strategies can propel {{Prospect’s Company}} to new digital heights.

Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating.

Best Regards,

{{Your Name}}

{{Your Position}}

{{Your Agency}}

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