How to hire top talent at scale using LinkedIn and cold outreach + email templates

How to hire top talent at scale using LinkedIn and cold outreach + email templates

Have you noticed how finding the right candidate for a company position has changed over time? Just putting up a regular job ad isn’t enough anymore. Now, recruiters are being more proactive. They have shifted towards a personalized approach through cold outreach, using platforms like LinkedIn to directly connect with potential talents who may and may not be actively seeking new opportunities.

But how do they engage and communicate with hundreds of people on LinkedIn without sounding like a bot or spam?

In this article, we will show you how you can find and reach out to the right candidates without wasting your time and effort. The article also includes tools and templates you can use to start the process of finding candidates now!

How to find and reach out to your ideal job candidate?

Expert advice: Before diving into the practical steps, we highly recommend considering an outreach automation tool.

Recruiters often seek tools that save time, and Hexospark is one of the examples. It efficiently automates the process of discovering candidates, reaching out to them, following up, and eventually converting them into valuable team members.

Investing in top-notch cold email software like Hexospark accelerates each stage outlined below, enabling you to surpass your hiring goals while optimizing resource utilization.

Step 1: Find potential candidates with Hexospark’s extension

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for recruiters, offering advanced filters to pinpoint candidates based on job roles, seniority, location, and industry. Hexospark’s Chrome extension allows anyone to export potential hires directly into the Hexospark outreach tool.

How does it work?

1. Simply, use LinkedIn’s advanced search filters to identify ideal candidates. 

2. With the Hexospark Chrome extension, save the selected candidates and all kinds of information about them to the Hexospark outreach contacts section.

Hexospark extension for Linkedin

Step 2: Gather candidates’ email addresses

It’s super easy to gather candidates’ email addresses with the help of Hexospark’s extension. All you have to do is search for the candidate on LinkedIn and click on the Hexospark extension to gather the email addresses. 

Step 3: Craft engaging campaigns

With potential candidates and their verified contact information in hand, it’s time to create compelling outreach campaigns. Follow this ultimate checklist for impactful recruitment campaigns:

  • – Tailor your message to each candidate.
  • – Use a strong subject line for clarity and interest.
  • – Open with a hyper-personalized compliment to showcase genuine interest.
  • – Focus on building rapport by highlighting mutual connections or shared interests.
  • – Showcase your company culture and unique selling points.
  • – Be transparent about the role, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • – Personalize benefits based on the candidate’s profile.
  • – Ensure visual appeal with a clean and skimmable format.
  • – Emphasize candidates’ pain points and how your opportunity addresses them.

Here is how you can create an outreach campaign with Hexospark:

1. Select your contacts

Enter your Hexospark dashboard and start a new campaign by clicking on the “New” button. 

Select your contacts

Then add your candidates’ contacts either by importing saved contacts or uploading a new CSV file. You can also expand your contact list after the campaign has started.

add your candidates’ contacts

2. Customize email sequence

Go to the “Sequences” section to tailor your candidate emails. Hexospark’s personalization options allow you to incorporate specific details, such as name, position, etc. ensuring personalized communication with each candidate.

hire top talent at scale

3. Adjust campaign settings

Customize your campaign based on your preferences. Set your reference timezone, establish the daily email-sending window, and select the most effective outreach days. Don’t forget to integrate your chosen email account to reach the candidates.

hire top talent at scale

4. Review your campaign

Click “Next Step” to preview your email and make sure your message is error-free and ready for delivery.

5. Launch your campaign

Once everything is ready, click “Save and Run” to launch your campaign!

6. Monitor your campaign

Track your campaign’s performance through detailed statistics. Check the open rates and other statistics. Directly view and respond to all the candidate replies within the platform, without having to leave the platform.

hire top talent at scale statistics

Step 4: Create a multichannel recruitment approach

Ditch the conventional single-channel approach and embrace a multichannel strategy to engage candidates where they prefer. 

Here is a quick example of how you can do this:

  • – LinkedIn profile visit to stay on the candidate’s mind.
  • – Email with a value-based subject line and content, using Hexospark’s email templates.
  • – Follow-up email with detailed benefits tailored to the candidate’s profile.
  • – LinkedIn message referencing a relevant study.
  • – Breakup email if there’s no response, with a chance for the candidate to suggest a better time.

Step 5: Use advanced tactics 

To further enhance your candidate outreach, consider these advanced tactics and conditions within Hexospark:

  • – Advanced conditions: Utilize Hexospark’s advanced conditions to automate the flow of your campaign based on specific criteria, such as opened emails or clicked links.
  • – LinkedIn profile views: Use LinkedIn profiles from multiple colleagues who have positioned themselves as industry experts relevant to your lead. This increases the likelihood of candidates seeing your brand and enhances personal and company credibility.
  • – Inbox rotation: Use Hexospark’s Inbox rotation to send even more emails to the candidates.

Step 6: Wrap up your campaign

As your recruitment sequence progresses, it’s essential to adapt and tailor your approach based on candidate responses.

  • – Breakup email: If there’s no response, send a breakup email politely asking when it might be a better time to discuss an opportunity. This maintains a professional tone while keeping the door open for future engagement.
  • – Phone call: For candidates showing interest, take the conversation to the next level with a personalized phone call. Building rapport directly can significantly impact a candidate’s decision-making process.
  • – Follow-up sequence: For those who haven’t responded, consider an additional follow-up sequence with variations in content, ensuring a diverse and engaging approach.

Remember, the goal is not only to recruit but also to build lasting connections with potential talents. Hexospark’s capabilities, coupled with thoughtful outreach strategies, can position your recruitment efforts as both efficient and personable.

5 recruiting templates from Hexospark to help you reach out to top talents

📨Template 1: First message to potential candidate

Subject line:

New career opportunity for {{contactFirstName}}


Hi {{contactFirstName}},


I know a little bit about your background and have some ideas in mind.

I might have a position to tell you about, but would like to listen to you first and make sure we are on the same page.

I realize that my email may or may not have arrived at the right time. However, my goal is to connect with and understand an outstanding individual’s professional aspirations and then find ways to help achieve that person’s professional goals.

What’s the best way for us to connect?


What makes this recruiting template successful?

  • – Personalization: The use of variables like {{contactFirstName}} adds a personal touch to the message, making the recipient feel acknowledged and valued.
  • – Ice breaker: The template incorporates an icebreaker ({{contactIceBreaker}}) that sparks curiosity and engagement. This helps in creating a friendly and approachable tone right from the start.
  • – Focus on the candidate: The emphasis on listening to the recipient first and understanding their professional aspirations demonstrates a genuine interest in the individual. It shifts the focus from the sender’s agenda to the recipient’s needs and goals.
  • – Open-ended question: Ending with “What’s the best way for us to connect?” encourages a response and provides the recipient with the autonomy to choose the communication channel that suits them best.

📨Template 2: Schedule an interview with top candidate

Subject line: 

Join us at {{company}}


Hey {{firstName}},

Your LinkedIn profile caught our eye with its impressive track record in crafting delightful and seamless app experiences. It’s exactly the kind of expertise we’re eager to bring on board.

{{company}} has an exciting opening for a UX Designer, and we believe you’d be a perfect fit.

All the role details are available here if you want to take a closer look.

We’d love to connect with you, no pressure.

Are you interested?


What makes this recruiting template successful?

  • – Personalized opening: The use of {{firstName}} in the greeting adds a personalized touch, making the recipient feel individually recognized.
  • – Complimentary acknowledgment: Acknowledging the recipient’s skills and track record creates a positive impression and sets the tone for a flattering proposition.
  • – Direct job offer: Clearly stating the company’s interest in hiring the recipient for a specific role (UX Designer) provides clarity and avoids ambiguity.
  • – Inclusive language: The use of “we” and “our” fosters a sense of inclusivity, making the recipient feel like a valued part of the potential team.
  • – Link to role details: Including a link to the role details ensures transparency and allows the recipient to easily access more information about the job opportunity.

📨Template 3: Offering a remote work

Subject line: 

Remote Work Opportunity


Hey {{firstName}},

I hope you’re doing well.

We’re exploring opportunities for professionals interested in remote work. If you’re open to it, I’d love to connect and discuss potential fits based on your background.

Our approach is all about empowering our team, offering flexibility, and fostering growth. Recently, we had a team-building event that lasted 9 days—lots of fun!

Take a look at our Glassdoor Reviews; we’re proud of our 4.2-star rating.

Would you be open to a quick chat about these opportunities?



What makes this recruiting template successful?

  • – Neutral and approachable tone: The email uses a neutral and friendly tone, creating an approachable atmosphere. It doesn’t push or overly persuade, making it more likely to be well-received.
  • – Subject line: The subject line, “Remote Work Opportunity,” is straightforward and immediately communicates the central theme of the email. It’s likely to catch the recipient’s attention, especially if they are interested in remote work.
  • – Team-building mention: The brief mention of a recent team-building event adds a personal touch to the email, giving a glimpse into the company’s culture without being overly detailed.
  • – Social proof: The reference to Glassdoor Reviews with a 4.2-star rating provides social proof and instills a sense of credibility about the company.

📨Template 4: Promoting a marketplace

Subject line: 

Exciting Opportunities for Developers!


Hello {{firstName}},

While on the lookout for skilled Developers, your standout profile on LinkedIn caught my eye, particularly your impressive {{achievement}}!

I extend a warm invitation to join our IT professionals’ marketplace at {{company}} and supercharge your freelancing journey. Think Upwork or Fiverr, but with no fees for successfully closed deals!

Right now, we’re witnessing a high demand for Developers at {{company}}, making it an opportune time for you.

Here’s why joining could be beneficial:

1. Hassle-free sign-up for our free and confidential service

2. Tailored job offers that match your skills

3. Kick back and let fitting assignments come your way!

For more details on how it all works, feel free to explore this link.

Best regards,


What makes this recruiting template successful?

  • – Engaging comparison: The mention of Upwork and Fiverr as a point of reference makes it easier for the recipient to understand the platform’s concept, making the invitation more relatable.
  • – Clear value proposition: The email clearly communicates the value proposition of joining the marketplace at {{company}}, emphasizing the absence of fees for closed deals and the high demand for Developers.
  • – Benefits highlight: The benefits of quick sign-up, personalized job offers, and a passive approach to finding assignments are presented in a bulleted list, making the information easy to digest.
  • – Call to action with link: The call to action invites the recipient to learn more by checking out a provided link, encouraging them to explore the platform in detail.

📨Template 5: Follow-Up Email

Subject line: 

Next steps required for PROJECT NAME


Hi {{contactFirstName}},

Hope you’re having a nice week!

Have you had a chance to look over the form I sent you last week?

I would be glad to send you another copy or to give you more time if you need it.



What makes this recruiting template successful?

  • – Personal greeting: The use of {{contactFirstName}} adds a personalized touch, making the recipient feel acknowledged and valued.
  • – Friendly tone: The opening line, “Hope you’re having a nice week!” sets a positive and friendly tone, creating a warm atmosphere for the rest of the message.
  • – Specific mention of the form: Referring to the form sent the previous week demonstrates attentiveness to the recipient’s actions and creates a context for the email.
  • – Offer of assistance: The template offers assistance by suggesting to resend the form or providing more time. This shows flexibility and a willingness to accommodate the recipient’s needs.

Personalize emails, automate inbound follow-ups, and grow your sales by nurturing relationships in one centralized platform.

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