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Hexospark Updates – Capture emails from anywhere, mark contacts as won and more 

We have another round of epic updates and platform improvements this week to help you break the ice, spark conversations and turn prospects into customers 💥. 

Let’s see what’s new inside Hexospark: 

👉 Email campaigns now display statistics and a projected finish time to help you track email campaigns with ease.

👉 Our browser extension now allows you to detect email addresses from any web page so you can add prospects to your Hexospark CRM on the go. You can get the Hexospark browser extension here

👉 You can now set tracking settings on a per-campaign level.

👉You can now easily update contact statuses right from the contacts section

👉 You can now edit email templates only within a campaign or for the master template

You can find the updates in your dashboard

Additionally, we’ve fixed a number of bugs and are finalizing our email reply tracking feature to supercharge your 1-1 email outreach at scale ⚡. 

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