open and click triggers

Hexospark Updates – Open and click triggers, better filters + bug fixes

Timing is everything and this is especially true with cold email outreach.

With this in mind, I’m happy to announce the launch of open-and-click email triggers! 

Email follow-ups based on open and click triggers

This is a powerful new feature that enables you to send a follow-up email based on when a prospect opens or clicks a link inside your email. Now you can tap into serendipity at scale 🙂

Better filters

You can now use enhanced filters across Hexospark to drill down into folders, contacts, and organizations.

Last but not least, we have improved our Hexospark browser extension and made a number of bug fixes to help you skyrocket your email outreach at scale and help you turn prospects into clients 🚀. 

You can find all the updates in your dashboard.

Have a great week ahead. 

Personalize emails, automate inbound follow-ups, and grow your sales by nurturing relationships in one centralized platform.

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