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Hexospark Updates – Unified inbox to bring you seamless collaboration

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of version 1.0 of our unified inbox, our first step towards a collaborative inbox to make email outreach at scale easy.

You see, the biggest problem with email outreach campaigns is staying on top of all the replies you receive, especially when using multiple email accounts or working on campaigns with team members.

You could login manually into different email accounts or share inboxes with team members but it gets messy fast!

Our unified inbox enables you to access all your email replies, across all your email accounts right inside your workspace.

Plus, when you invite your team members inside your workspace your team will be able to collaborate seamlessly, answering emails or sending emails without having to share email credentials.

Additionally, our team has worked on new UX updates to our campaign creation process to make it more user-friendly. 

You can find the updates in your dashboard

Personalize emails, automate inbound follow-ups and grow your sales by nurturing relationships in one centralized platform.

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