How to get more responses to your cold emails

How to Get More Responses to Your Cold Emails

Email is almost 40 times more effective at securing customers compared to social media according to a McKinsey study

But how your email has a huge impact on your cold outreach campaigns and success rate closing clients?

In this post, we’ll explore the tips for writing better cold emails that get more responses and close more deals.

What is Cold Emailing?

Cold emailing is an approach used in email marketing to achieve objectives such as gaining new leads or promoting a product. It involves sending emails to specific individuals with the intention of initiating a business discussion with them.

So why are they known as cold emails? This is because these emails are being sent to people you don’t have a prior relationship with. 

For example, sending an email to an individual that you have never contacted before and whose email address is publicly available, can be considered cold emailing. 

So, you reach out to people who don’t know anything about you or your business, and your goal is to get their attention and spark a conversation.

Are Cold Emailing and Spam the Same?

No, no, and no! 

Many people are curious about the distinction between cold emails and unsolicited or spam messages. A good cold email template is personalized, adds value, and encourages a conversation.

On the other hand, spam emails tend to focus on pushing a marketing message to as many people as possible.

Popular Cold Email Strategies 

It is possible to get results from cold email marketing only if you use the right tactics while writing them.

 Here are the 3 cold email strategies you can use to boost the effectiveness of your emails.


AIDA, which stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, is one of the most popular and effective frameworks for selling. 

So, with this framework, you get the recipient’s Attention, and encourage their Interest in you by demonstrating how others benefited from your product or service. Then, you bring the Desire of the prospect to try your product or service and, finally, take the prospect where you want by adding a Call to Action to your email. Write your cold email template according to AIDA strategy and you will see how good it works for you.


BAB stands for Before-After-Bridge. It is one of the most effective copywriting techniques, revolving around the idea of helping someone move from where they are, to where they want to be.

With this formula, you can portray the benefits of your product or service and build your email outreach strategy on the basis of the benefit-focusing technique. 


The 4C’s formula is another go-to copywriting formula frequently used for cold emailing. The 4C’s strands for Clear-Concise-Compelling-Credible. 

With this formula, the entire cold email template should be conveyed in 4 sentences that are clear , concise, compelling, and credible to your audience.

Tips to Get More Responses to Your Cold Emails

The success of cold emails is closely tied to the response rate. You may not be getting a response to your emails for three reasons:
-Bad targeting

-Email copy

-A weak offer

Below, we will list our favorite cold email tips to help you fill your pipeline faster and make more sales with your cold emails.

1️. Choose the target and the right Sending Account 

Knowing who to contact is mission-critical to an effective cold email campaign. Sending emails to a generic email address won’t get responses, instead, you want to target specific job titles in an organization that will be interested and able to take action on your offer.

Next, do you prefer getting emails from real people or some generic email addresses? 

If your answer is people, then you are not alone. Emails that are sent from not well-known company addresses get fewer responses than emails sent from a person behind that company. 

2️. Nail the Subject Line

The importance of an effective subject line when sending an email cannot be understated. It is your opportunity to capture the recipient’s attention in a few words and encourage them to open your email and invest their time in reading it. 

Before crafting your perfect subject line, remember that your prospect is likely inundated with emails from many others. Make your subject line unique so it stands out from the competition.

Learn how to craft an email subject line that will nail your cold emailing in this article.

3️. Be Prospect-Specific

When you customize the content of your email, recipients are more likely to take notice. 

Crafting a message specifically for them gives them a sense of importance, increasing the likelihood that they will respond positively.

4️. Keep It Short

If you want to get quick answers and foster meaningful connections, consider writing shorter emails.

If you want to get quick answers and foster meaningful connections, consider writing shorter emails.

Organize your text by using bulleted lists, numbered steps, and adequate spacing. This will help to ensure the reader pays attention to your message and yield positive results.

You can make your emails stand out by including the prospect’s name, tailoring them to their buyer personas or using trigger events. 

You could also try complimenting them, discussing topics they find interesting, what technology they use, or any shared connections. Additionally, you could incorporate personalized images and videos to capture their attention.

5️. Use Call to Actions

Make sure your emails have a concise call-to-action that will prompt the recipient to consider the benefits of using the product or service you are offering. Ask relevant questions which elicit yes or no responses, and inform them of the next step they need to take. 

For example, “Can we have a 15-minute video call next week? Simply click on this link to quickly schedule a sales meeting.”  In this way, you urge the prospect to connect with you making the process as easy as possible for him.

6️. Avoid Spamming

It is possible for emails that are created with good iTo help ensure your message is delivered, make sure you comply with all of the requirements of the CAN-SPAM act. Additionally, there are many words and phrases that can cause an email to be filtered out and never seen by the intended recipient.ntentions to be blocked by spam filters. 


The use of cold email marketing is a highly effective strategy for reaching out to potential customers. You need to find out where you are lacking if you are not receiving enough responses to your emails.

Every business wants to generate more sales and increase its revenue, so it’s essential to send cold emails that will garner a response.

In this article, we listed the most important aspects of cold emails that bring high open rates and conversions.

With this knowledge, you should now have the tools to compose effective cold emails. 

Personalize emails, automate inbound follow-ups, and grow your sales by nurturing relationships in one centralized platform.

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