How to pitch your startup to VC investors at scale using email outreach

How to pitch your startup to VC investors at scale using email outreach

Launching a startup is exhilarating, but when it comes to securing funding from venture capitalists (VCs), the challenge intensifies. A compelling pitch can make all the difference, but it takes too much time to reach out to each VC investor with a tailored pitch and email. 

Here is where email outreach tools, such as Hexospark come to the rescue! With the help of these tools, startup owners can easily pitch their startup to multiple investors simultaneously, saving their precious time and resources. 

In this article, we will explore the game-changing capabilities of email outreach platforms, sharing the main advantages of their usage and showcasing how startup owners can pitch their ideas at scale!

Benefits of sending VC pitch at scale with email outreach tools 

Ability to reach many VC investors at once

One of the best features of email outreach platforms like Hexospark is their ability to send emails to many recipients simultaneously. For startup founders, this means reaching out to numerous potential VC investors without the daunting task of composing individual emails for each.

Personalization to make each email feel personal

While sending bulk emails, you need to pay attention to the personalization of the emails. Email outreach platforms allow you to customize each email, making every recipient feel like they are receiving a tailored message. With personalized greetings and content, your pitch becomes more engaging, capturing the attention of potential investors.

Open/Click tracking for informed decision-making

Email outreach platforms offer open and click tracking features, providing valuable insights into recipient engagement. Knowing who opened your email and clicked on the links allows you to discover interest levels or recipients. 

This data-driven approach will allow you to create an effective follow-up strategy, focusing your efforts on the most interested VC investors.

Automated follow-ups for consistent communication

Following up is an important part of investor outreach. Automated follow-ups ensure consistent communication without the risk of emails being ignored or unanswered. 

Email outreach platforms allow you to schedule follow-up emails, enhancing your chances of being noticed by potential VC investors.

Built-in CRM to keep your leads organized

Managing investor relationships can quickly become overwhelming without the right tools. Email outreach platforms like Hexospark have built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These CRMs allow you to track the status of your pitches, monitor investor responses, and store essential files, keeping your interactions organized and accessible.

Time-saving efficiency

Saving time is important, especially when you are a startup. Email outreach platforms streamline the outreach process, allowing you to focus on refining your pitch and nurturing investor relationships. Automation, personalization, and organized communication save you precious hours so that you can concentrate on what truly matters – building your startup.

How to reach out to VCs at scale using Hexospark

Step 1: Start your pitch campaign

Start by logging into the Hexospark dashboard and craft a new campaign by clicking the “New” button.

pitch your startup to VC investors

Step 2: Select your prospects

Add the potential VC investors you want to connect with. You can either import contacts from your saved list or upload a fresh CSV file. 

The great thing is that you can expand your list even after launching your campaign.

pitch startup to VC investors

Step 3: Craft your tailored pitch series

In the “Sequences” segment, compose your pitch emails. Hexospark provides versatile customization, allowing you to incorporate unique variables sourced from your CRM, increasing the level of personalization.

pitch to VC investors

Step 4: Adjust campaign preferences

Tailor your campaign settings according to your preferences. Specify your reference timezone, set the email timeframe, and select the days for outreach. Integrate your preferred email provider – Hexospark accommodates a variety of business email platforms.

VC investors

Step 5: Polish your pitch email

Fine-tune your email’s content and structure. Click on “Next Step” to preview your email and avoid errors.

Step 6: Start your VC investor outreach

Once you’ve perfected your pitch, save your settings and launch your campaign by clicking “Save and Run.”

Step 7: Track and analyze responses

Monitor your campaign’s progress by analyzing statistics. Keep an eye on how many investors opened your email or responded. 

Besides analyzing the responses, you can also answer the emails on Hexospark, without leaving the platform.

Personalize emails, automate inbound follow-ups, and grow your sales by nurturing relationships in one centralized platform.

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