The 20 best email templates

The 20 Best Sales Email Templates

The latest Brevet research found that email helps to acquire new customers 40 times more effectively than Facebook and Twitter.

But when it comes to outbound email campaigns, copywriting is essential to getting results. Your email copy needs to be well-written and persuasive in order to get recipients to take the desired action, whether that’s replying,  clicking through to your website, signing up for a free trial, or booking a meeting.

To help you supercharge your campaigns, we’ve put together a collection of the 20 best sales email templates that you can tweak according to your needs and use to close more deals.


Let’s go!

The Anatomy of Emails That Get Responses

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On average, people spend a few seconds reading an email. 

Therefore, you should craft the opening sentence and greeting of your message to be compelling enough to prompt a reply from the recipient. In total, you likely have less than 15-20 seconds to convince your prospect!

Greet your prospects by name to personalize your message and make it more about them. Let them know why you are reaching out in a clear and concise way, as this could increase the likelihood of getting a response.

Next comes the email body.

In your email body, ensure that your communication is of value to the recipient, or you may risk not getting a response.

Demonstrate how you can address their issue by emphasizing a problem they are facing and customizing it to their circumstances. You can also include evidence and social proof such as facts, research, and exclusive materials in the offer section to further support your message.

Finally, you need to craft the final part of the email: the closing line. 

It is highly recommended to wrap up the email with a strong call to action. It is important that the recipient understands the next steps, so avoid asking for too much at once.

Sales Email Templates

1. Presenting Your Company

Adding information about your company in a sales email can assist in building trust, differentiating yourself from competitors, and increasing brand awareness. All these actions can increase the chances of a successful outcome for your sales email. 

Try to be short and sweet while presenting your company.

Dear {{contactFirstName}},



I would like to learn how you manage A THING YOUR COMPANY MANAGES at {{organizationName}} and present to you what we work on. 

Are you available for a call at {offer the date}?


2. Finding the Right Person to Contact 

It is crucial to send your emails to the appropriate person. In case you don’t find the necessary email address via the initial research, you can ask it by sending a request email to another person from the same company that can help you with this inquiry. 

Hello {{contactFirstName}},


I’m trying to reach out to the employee who is in charge of LEADING GENERAL STATEMENT at {{organizationName}}.

Could you, please, advise the best way I can contact them?

Thanks in advance. 


Hi {{contactFirstName}},


We offer services that help you PRESENT YOUR SERVICES.

Would you forward me to the person responsible for SPECIFY THE FIELD and let me know how I can contact them?

Thanks in advance. 


3. New Partnership Offer

In a partnership email, you want to strike up a conversation with your partner, and make them an offer they can’t refuse. So, you may stress the benefits they can gain from partnering with you, your shared interest as well as your most important achievements to get their interest.

Dear {{contactFirstName}},


I’m {{senderFirstname}}, from ADD YOUR COMPANY NAME, and we WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES. 

We’ve noticed you MENTION WHAT BOTH OF YOUR COMPANIES HAVE IN COMMON, and we think that both of our audiences might benefit from cooperation with each other. YOU CAN HERE OFFER A COMMISSION OR FURTHER COMPENSATION

In the past MENTION WHEN we’ve:


We’d be more than happy to work with you. Do you have time on SUGGEST DATE AND TIME for a short call or a meeting?


4. Problem/Solution Email

Focusing on the recipient’s pain point, exhibiting a noteworthy solution with a relevant success story from another partner, and presenting a straightforward proposal get straight to the point, which can be a welcome break from the norm.

It is crucial to research your prospect’s main pain points beforehand to be able to send them a relevant email.

Hi {{contactFirstName}},


Having experience in working with NAME THE INDUSTRIES, we have noticed that one of their key pain points is ADD THE PAIN POINT.

Over the past year, we helped a number of companies to NAME THE ACHIEVEMENTS. Our cooperation resulted in INDICATE SOME STATS, HOW MUCH MONEY SAVED, ETC.

We know that this is a challenge you face, too.

It would be great if we could set up a quick call on SUGGEST DATE AND TIME. I have some ideas that might be helpful for you.


5. Requesting  Stocking Your Product

You need to know how to ask retailers and marketplaces to sell your products if you sell physical or digital goods. If you don’t have it, you’ll have trouble getting your product on the shelf. 

You should emphasize why your product fits the seller’s existing customer base in this type of partnership email. Include any stats or success stories you have. 

Hey {{contactFirstName}},


ADD YOUR PRODUCT NAME is selling fast, and as big fans of {{organizationName}}, we would like to help your customers easily find what they are looking for. 



I’m more than excited to discuss how we can get YOUR PRODUCT on the shelves of {{organizationName}}.

Would you be interested in having a short call?

If you are interested, please, pick the date and time for a call that best works for you. ADD YOUR CALENDAR LINK


6. Blog Contribution Request To an Influencer

Working with a famous influencer in order to collaborate on your blog can be beneficial for both of you. Your blog can gain visibility from the influencer’s large following, and the influencer can benefit from exposure to your readers. However, it is important to remember that creating a quality post takes effort and time.

Hey {{contactFirstName}},

I’m {{senderFirstname}} from ADD YOUR COMPANY/BLOG NAME.

I  came across your post about ADD RELEVANT SUBJECT and really loved it.

It would be helpful to our readers to hear what you have to say about ADD SHARED INTEREST, so we’d like to invite you to write a guest post for our blog. 

Our blog reaches ADD YOUR TRAFFIC STATS and we have FOLLOWERS COUNT, so we believe that this could be an excellent opportunity to expand your reach.

Would be more than happy to hop on a call to discuss this further.


7. Asking For Permission

Requesting permission can be captivating since it is not a common practice. Being proactive in this manner demonstrates reverence, fosters confidence, and, when done properly, can create anticipation. For example, the email does not immediately dive into the product or service the salesperson wishes to promote.

Hi {{contactFirstName}},

In this email, I’d like to share several ideas for how you can attract more leads and close more sales.

Would you mind if I reach out on SUGGEST DATE AND TIME to share some ideas with you?


8. Requesting Pricing Information From an Influencer

While asking for pricing, you should be as nice as possible and sharply to the point.

Dear {{contactFirstName}},

I’ve been following your posts, and I really enjoyed your post about ADD RELEVANT TOPIC. 

I’m {{senderFirstname}} from ADD YOUR COMPANY NAME, a brand that focuses on ADD A RELEVANT TOPIC. We are interested in sponsoring one of your posts.

Could you, please, provide me with the pricing? 

Thanks in advance. 


9. Highlighting a Mutual Connection

Mentioning a shared experience in the email can be a great way to build credibility and make the recipient feel more comfortable. It is a particularly effective technique as it demonstrates that there is a solid relationship in place, rather than just a stranger hoping to leverage someone’s name for their gain.

Hello {{contactFirstName}},

During the ADD THE CONFERENCE NAME conference with ADD THE MUTUAL CONNECTION NAME, he/she mentioned that you are working to achieve NAME A SPECIFIC GOAL. Our company ADD YOUR COMPANY NAMR specializes in ACHIEVING THE GOAL.

We thought it could be mutually beneficial for us to get in touch and discuss it. By the way,  we have recently helped ADD A SUCCESS STORY WITH A PARTNER.

If you’re interested in discussing this in more detail, are you available for a short call on SUGGEST DATE AND TIME?

Thanks in advance. 


10. Sales Proposal

If you want to make a sale to a prospect, you should send them a sales proposal after he or she has contacted you. 

Hey {{contactFirstName}},

It’s me again {{senderFirstname}}.

Last time we were discussing that your team was struggling with ADD THE PAIN POINT.

I think we can help.

ADD YOUR PRODUCT NAME was built to give structure to even the most complex of projects. The NAME A SPECIFIC FEATURE will give you and your team the tools you need to overcome ADD THE PAIN POINT. 

Are you interested to jump on a call on SUGGEST DATE AND TIME to talk about it?


11. Follow-up Email After Sending an Offer

After sending your offer email and not receiving an answer for about 3-4 days, you can send your first follow-up email. 

12. Piquing Curiosity

Hey {{contactFirstName}},

Hope you had a great weekend.

Wanted to see what you thought of my offer. Please,  let me know if I can help at all.


When done right, curiosity-piquing emails can help you increase your email open rates and engagement. To leverage this type of emails, make sure to follow the best practices. 

Hey {{contactFirstName}},

Let me show you something awesome.

I’ve recently had a chance to look through your website and it seems that your company could greatly benefit from using ADD YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE NAME.

In order to take full advantage of ADD YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE NAME it is essential that you know how to implement it, and that’s why I’d like to offer you a free demo that will guide you through all its features and functions.

It’s pretty simple. Just follow this link, register, and request your free demo: ADD REQUEST LINK


13. Leveraging Common Interests

Mentioning a shared experience in the opening of an email template can be a great way to build credibility and make the recipient feel more comfortable. It is a particularly effective technique as it demonstrates that there is a solid relationship in place, rather than just a stranger hoping to leverage someone’s name for their gain.

Hey {{contactFirstName}},

I checked out your NAME THE SOCIAL PLATFORM and noticed that you used to be a pro footballer. 

How awesome is that!

I’m a big football fan and participate occasionally. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a rendezvous with a few other salespeople? 

If that’s not possible due to our tight schedules, let’s make an appointment to explore ways we can both benefit.

Here’s the link to my calendar: ADD YOUR CALENDAR LINK


14. Sending Helpful Content

Sending useful content to your prospects is always the best choice. This demonstrates that your intention is to be helpful to them, rather than promote your products or services. 

Dear {{contactFirstName}},

First and foremost, I wish to congratulate you on your new position as ADD THE POSITION TITLE at ADD THEIR COMPANY NAME.

Despite the fact that it can be challenging at times, I am confident you will succeed in this role.

In order to be helpful to you, I have made up a list of resources to assist you in building and leading your ADD THE DEPARTMENT NAME team. 

The article can be found here: ADD THE LINK

I hope this will be helpful for you. 

Let me know what you think.


15. Using Trigger Events

Take advantage of trigger events to make contact with potential customers. Reach out for various reasons like promotions, new investments, company news, or recent posts on social media.

Hi {{contactFirstName}}, 

Congratulations on your promotion to ADD THE POSITION. 

I know you have worked hard to get here, and I’m sure you will have great achievements ahead. 

In case you need assistance with affiliate marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Having a quick call soon would be useful, since I know I can provide you with some very valuable advice.

If you are interested, feel free to book a call with me by clicking the link below on a date that works best for you: ADD THE LINK


Sales Email Templates Using Proven Copywriting Strategies

16. Using the AIDA Technique

The AIDA technique is a common framework used in copywriting for structuring the content and building a persuasive argument. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The main goal is getting the reader’s attention, building interest in the product or service, creating a desire for it, and prompting the reader to take action, such as buying the given product or service.

Hey {{contactFirstName}},

Ever thought that you could gain an additional 30 leads for your business every week? 

Just 3 meetings have produced extraordinary results for other clients in NAME THE INDUSTRY

We’ve recently started cooperating with NAME A PERSON/COMPANY and the results have reached quite remarkable results. 

Would you like to give a try and see it for your company as well?

Let me know what you think. 


17. Using the Before-After-Bridge Technique

The Before-After-Bridge (BAB) technique is a copywriting technique that is used to show the transformation that a product or service can bring about in a person’s life.

Hi {{contactFirstName}},

For every 100 cold emails sent, you’ll have a response rate of only one percent. It requires a significant amount of work for minimal results.

If you’re trying to get more out of your cold emailing efforts, ADD YOUR PRODUCT NAME can help you achieve 10X  the responses in just ADD A TIMEFRAME

It’s a great way to get the most out of your emails without spending a great deal of time on it. 

Are you free for a call on SUGGEST DATE AND TIME so I can provide you with more details?


 18. Using the Cliffhanger Technique

The Cliffhanger technique is a copywriting technique used to keep the readers engaged and intrigued by ending a piece of content, such as an article or ad, with a question or an unfinished statement that leaves them wanting to know more. This creates a sense of curiosity and anticipation, which can encourage the reader to continue reading or take a desired action such as visiting a website, signing up for a service, or purchasing a product.

Hi {{contactFirstName}},

One of our clients, ADD CLIENT COMPANY, used our ADD YOUR PRODUCT for lead generation.

Within 48 hours, they’d generated 300 leads.

Curious about how they did it?


19. Features-Advantages-Benefits Formula

This copywriting formula is designed to be both straightforward and effective. It provides an overview of two or three key features of your product and explains why they are beneficial for your potential customer, thus illustrating the advantages of the product in question.

It’s important to remember that the best template is the one that resonates best with your specific audience and product.

Dear {{contactFirstName}},



That means you MAIN BENEFITS.

Is this something you’d be interested in?


20. The Five Basic Objections Formula

The five basic objections formula is a copywriting technique used to anticipate and address potential objections that a customer may have when considering a product or service. The five basic objections are: price, quality, risk, time, and trust).

When crafting your email copy, it is beneficial to keep these objections in mind. If you can address even one of those concerns, it will help facilitate the conversion process. However, be mindful not to come across as too defensive if attempting to tackle them all.

Dear {{contactFirstName}},

ADD YOUR PRODUCT NAME allows you to quickly and effortlessly expand and automate your email campaigns. 

I am sure I can demonstrate this to you via a short conversation.

 Would you have time on SUGGEST DATE AND TIME so I can go into more detail?


Final Notes

Crafting a successful sales email template can take some time and effort, but the results are worth it.

Experiment with various versions and adjust your approach until you find the right fit for your business. With consistent effort, you’ll soon see positive outcomes from your emails.

Personalize emails, automate inbound follow-ups, and grow your sales by nurturing relationships in one centralized platform.

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