What is a unified inbox and how to 10X your cold email outreach

What Is A Unified Inbox & How To 10X Your Cold Email Outreach?

Cold email outreach is ideal to secure new clients, get SEO backlinks, earn press mentions, and more. The problem is scaling this channel effectively…

When conducting a cold email outreach campaign, email marketers are typically limited to sending 30-100 emails each day from any given inbox based on their existing email-sending activity.

Sending more could trigger spam filters and damage the sender’s reputation. 

One of the most common ways is using multiple email accounts for sending email campaigns. 

For example, an email marketer of a company can send emails from different domains, for example, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc. 

But the main problem with this approach is that one ends up receiving replies in different email accounts, making it difficult to consistently stay on top of all replies. 

How can a unified inbox 10X your cold email outreach? 

According to recent studies, reaching out to multiple email addresses from the same sending account results in a 93% improved response rate.

And this proves that the multi-threaded cold emailing approach is the need of the hour. 

Hexospark has created a unified inbox, enabling you to centralize all your cold email outreach email replies, from all your campaigns and email accounts in one location.

This approach has a ton of benefits, including: 

💥 Cloud access without the need for software

The unified inbox of Hexospark allows you to store all your messages and replies in the cloud without the need for using any additional software. 

💥 One centralized location to answer all emails

Seeing all your emails in a single place without the back-and-forth can take your cold email outreach to a brand new level. No need to switch between your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other email accounts. 

Additionally, keeping all your email communication in one place decreases the chances of missing important emails.

So, you can be sure that your interactions with the leads and partners are smooth and uninterrupted. 

💥 Team access & the ability for your team to answer emails without accessing your email account

Your entire team can respond to emails on your behalf, bringing a new dimension to email comms.

💥 Centralized stats and metrics

Hexospark allows you to track your cold email campaign stats inside your unified inbox. You can keep an eye on which messages have been opened allowing you to adjust your cold email outreach strategy

This will help you plan the follow-ups to maximize your response rates and increase your outreach success rate. 

💥 Enhanced security

A unified inbox can also help to improve security by providing access to your email replies without having to disclose your credentials to your team.


Reaching out to other businesses or potential customers through cold email outreach is a great way to spread the word about your product and form relationships with potential customers, partners, etc. 

Using a centralized platform like the Hexopsark unified inbox eliminates the need of using multiple accounts for reaching out to bulk emails and makes the cold email outreach much smoother and more effective. 

Personalize emails, automate inbound follow-ups and grow your sales by nurturing relationships in one centralized platform.

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